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This site contains Harold & Barbara's family tree. We started with our grandparents and worked back to the 18th century, and even to a few ancestors in the 17th century. Thus there are 8 branches of the family and each has its own section on the site.

This version was created in March 2018. Now 763 people, having found 7 from 2014 which had not been put online! Also, some details of some of the others have been updated. This version was generated from the latest version 9 of Legacy Family Tree. Also, the links to other web sites have been updated where necessary.

The previous major refresh was in October 2013. There was a small update in January 2015 regarding the origin of the surname Silander and a slightly larger update in August 2015 when new old Lamb family photographs suddenly appeared!

The site was moved and re-named in November 2015 and updates to some external links were made in August 2016.

The site has been updated regularly since 2003, initially twice a year, then annually and now occasionally. It is evolving gradually. Initially, we had the bare facts of Births, Marriages, Deaths and Censuses. Most of our direct ancestors for whom there are records are now on the site and our focus has moved to providing pictures and articles. We have also discovered the value of researching siblings of the direct line and have therefore done some more record hunting.

We have had a lot of help from cousins, both existing and newly found through our research. We are very grateful to Alison, Maureen, Lena, Berta, Rosie, Frances, Steve, Sheila, Rose, Tony, Alan, Linda, Eileen, Irene, Bill, Brian, Carolyne, Jean, Greta, Anne and Rochelle for sharing their research and material with us. I am also grateful to Gordon Johnson for correcting a bad mistake. Other help has come from Joy and Peter, whom I found via Auchmithie Roots Forum, and Bruce Durie of the Durie Family Association.

Here is a picture of some of our contributors.

Not really!
But it does give an idea of the amount of help that is needed to build your family tree!!

We would be delighted to hear from you, whether you know something that we do not, or are wondering if we can help you with your search for ancestors.

We live in Edinburgh and we were both born in Scotland, though we met in London. Our ancestors are mostly Scottish and there is a Swedish branch. We have also found a couple of links to Ireland. We can trace the movement of our ancestors from farming, fishing and quarrying in small villages to industry in towns and cities. We may have met in London, but we have common connections to rural Angus / Forfarshire and The Mearns of old Kincardineshire.

Our main areas of interest are Gothenburg in Sweden, Ayrshire, Perthshire, Arbroath and Auchmithie, Aberdeenshire including Buchan, old Kincardineshire, The Mearns and Peterhead.

We would like to hear from you if you have similar interests.

We hope you enjoy our work and find the site interesting and useful.