Place Names

Place name is sometimes the Parish, and sometimes the Town or Village, depending on the source and my knowledge of the locale.

Arbroath / St Vigeans

One example of the problem is a record of a birth in Arbroath. The address is given as, say, 13 Green Street, St Vigeans. In this example, I now know that it means St Vigeans parish and the street is in Arbroath.

This example is from the time before Arbroath became a parish in its own right.

Auchmithie / St Vigeans

Many of my Cargill ancestors were born in Auchmithie and the parish was St Vigeans. As a novice, I recorded St Vigeans; and more recently, Auchmithie. I will eventually tidy this up. In the meantime, you can treat births in St Vigeans as births in Auchmithie. Marriages, however, were in St Vigeans, in the parish church.

Newmilns / Galston

When the lace mills were built in Newmilns the village was extended to the other side of the river into Greenholm. It is sometimes referred to as Newmilns & Greenholm. But Newmilns was in Loudoun parish and Greenholm was in Galston parish. So some records appear to indicate a birth, say, in Galston, when it was really in Greenholm ie Newmilns & Greenholm.

Stracathro, Fettercairn, Edzell

It seems that the Durie / Gold farms of Capo and Dalladies were very close to parish boundaries. Several births are recorded in both Stracathro and Fettercairn and our reports show only one of these. A census includes them in Edzell.

Note. Stracathro and Edzell are in Angus, previously Forfarshire. Fettercairn was in Kincardineshire, now Aberdeenshire. These 3 parishes are contiguous.

Addresses of Births

We have realised that the address where someone was born cannot be relied on to be the address of the family, though it normally was in earlier centuries. We have a few cases where we think that the address of the birth could be that of a grandmother or perhaps a nursing home in more recent times before the NHS.