Names and Spelling

I have opted for standardised spelling across the generations. The latest form of the surname has been used for the previous generations if there is more than one generation.

Of course, this does not apply to the Swedish records.

A few notes on first names at the end.


This has a variety of spellings, especially in earlier times. Variations include Bedy/ie, Beddy/ie, Betty/ie, Beady/ie.


Our Blues ancestors originated as Blewhous, then Blewis, Blewes and Blews.


Although they are all named Buick here in my tree, the name changed over time, and there were many mis-spellings as well. Andrew (top of the tree) was Andrew Boeg, and his children were recorded as Bowick. Variations were Bowack, Boyick and Boyack. Eventually, Buick seemed to be the accepted spelling. But other spellings occur, such as Buik, Buiks, Boyck, Boycks. The Bouick variation does not yet appear in our line.

So someone who was born a Boeg, could have been married as a Bowick, had Bowack or Boyack children, and died a Buick, while in the meantime census records show Buik or Boycks!


Or Cargil.


Occurs in some older records as Houie.


Some were recorded as Hutchinson.

Mac / Mc

Both variations occur within the same family. We have standardised on one or the other for each name.


Appears as MacCormack, MacCormick, McCormick


Variants include Rowlans, Rollands, Rolland.


This used to be pronounced Riven, and there are records with this spelling, and many other spellings.


This name occurs in many forms, such as Shenan, Shannon, Shinnen, Shinnon, Shannen.


In the 1901 and 1911 censuses, the entries for Herbert & Marion were indexed as Gilander and Selander, respectively. These have now been corrected.


I have also seen Spinke.


Isabel Young has been transcribed and indexed as Yoing.

Unknown Surnames

There are a few instances where a married woman's maiden name is unknown. In these cases, rather than record only the first name, she has been recorded with her husband's surname and a prefix of Mrs.

First Names

Be aware of old spellings and mis-readings in online systems. eg Hellen, Agnas, many variations of Isobel.