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Anders Herder Andreasson
Anna Christina Börjesdotter
Carl Johan Andersson
Mathilda Charlotta Zachrisson
Anders Martell Andersson


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Anders Martell Andersson

  • Born: 4 Mar 1893, Gothenburg, Sweden

   Another name for Anders was Zachrisson.



It seems that his parents died before 1900 and in the 1900 census his name is still Anders Martell. Martell might / might not be his surname. I am assuming that he was Anders Martell Andersson and that after his parents died he was fostered / adopted by his uncle and became Anders Martell Zachrisson.

1893 - Gothenburg, Sweden
1894 - Kungsbacka, Halland, Sweden
1900 - Össlöff, Fjärås, Halland, Sweden; fostered by uncle's family



• Proof Link: HFL.

• Branch: Silander.

• Swedish Census, 1900, Össlöff, Fjärås parish, Halland, Sweden.